Malware Discovery and Basic Malware Analysis Training

Do you want to know how to find malware?  Improve your malware hunting skills?  Learn from those that have had to deal with the worst kind of malware?

Austin, TX. Oct 5-6, 2015

Round Rock Wingate Conference Center (BSides Austin location)

Malware Discovery is an essential skill for today’s InfoSec and IT professionals. Many malware courses start you off with an infected system and how to deep analyze or even reverse engineer the malware.

This course focuses on how to discover if a system has malware and then how to do basic malware analysis and build a simple lab to do testing in. The goal being speed so you can get back to other tasks.  We will look at what tools you need, the techniques and steps to analyze malware so you can determine if a system is clean or truly infected.

This course is intended for everyday commodity malware that you might get in email or surfing, to advanced malware in a targeted attack. The focus will be on Windows systems; but will touch on some tools for Apple and Linux systems as well.


  • $199 per person
  • $99 for ISSA, OWASP & InfraGard members with discount code

Course Requirements:

  • Bare Bones system running Windows

  • Laptop running a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels, etc.)

  • Guest VM Running Windows7 or later

  • A list of tools will be provided on DVD day of the training or can be downloaded from Malware Archaeology the week of the training.

  • Malware samples will be provided

  • A Cloud Server for infecting is optional